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What to Expect at Reznik Law

At Reznik Law, our process is easy, straightforward, and understandable.  Our services are customized to suit your individual needs and wishes.  We listen, we advise, and we are available to you to answer all your questions throughout the entire planning process. Click here to see our general fee structure.

 Step 1: Your Initial Consultation

The process starts with an initial estate planning consultation.  This is a conversation with attorney Orly Reznik to discuss your needs, your planning goals and decide which plan and which documents are right for your family.  There is little preparation required.  Simply review the Estate Planning Questionnaire, which will help familiarize you with the topics that will be discussed.  

Step 2: Drafting and Reviewing Documents

We will create a complete, personalized estate plan that meets your needs and reflects all your wishes.  We will post the drafts on your password protected client portal.  All your documents will be numbered and document number 1 will be a summary letter.  The summary letter will explain (in plain English), the contents of your document drafts.   It will also contain a link that you can use to schedule a follow up call to walk through your document drafts with an attorney.  At Reznik Law, we are available to our clients for every step of the estate planning process. 

Step 3: Signing Your Documents

When you're happy with the drafts, come to the office to sign your documents. We have witnesses and a notary to ensure your documents are legally enforceable.  You will receive your signed original documents, as well as a USB flash drive containing scans of your signed originals, and all the information and estate organizers that were provided to you during the planning process.  

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